Meet our new Groomers

Meet our new Groomers

Introducing the new Pooch Palace team…


Our resident “dog whisperer,” Belinda’s love of dogs is evident as soon as they see her, with happy barks, cuddles and kisses galore. Her evident love of animals is obvious, as along with her Pooch Palace friends she goes home to 4 cheeky rescue pooches that came thanks to her time volunteering at the RSPCA.

As a groomer, it is Belinda’s attention to detail, that our human clients love the most. Her teddy bear clips are Belinda’s special talent, as she takes scruffy little faces, feet and tummies and clips them into ordered perfection.

Belinda’s four-legged clients give her four-paws up for our full range of clips, grooms and baths… and we didn’t have to bribe them with liver treats either!


Soft-hearted Keisal is our self-appointed puppy cuddler… she loves to greet each pooch with a cuddle, a pat and maybe a treat or two, making them feel at home in their grooming palace. “It’s
important to me that each dog feels comfortable and at ease.” says Keisal. Keisal has a soft-spot for little dogs, with a brood of 3 shitzu crosses waiting for her at home. As a dog groomer, her mastery with little dogs is evident as her breed clips on cavaliers, maltese and poodle clips are in high demand with Pooch Palace clients. Keisal’s poodle clips are exceptional, as she transforms curly haired ruffians into regal princes and princesses.



Bright and bubbly Ashleigh, will quickly become your Pooch’s new best friend (at least until you arrive to pick them up again). A doggy-lover with a big heart, Ashleigh is actively working towards become a competitive dog groomer, finetuning her breed clips to competition standards. Spaniel and Terrier clips including Cocker Spaniels and West Highland Terriers are a particular
favourite of Ashleigh’s – she loves to take those scruffy munchkins and transform them into stylish examples of their breed.

She is also quickly becoming known for her exacting standards in poodle clips. At home, Ashleigh’s place is a doggy wonderland with Penelope the Pug, Mara the ridgeback X
staffy, and Mr Dobby the great dane all vying for her attention and cuddles.

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